One of the most important components of CAFE are the innovations in the production, cultivation and commercialization of coffee that the team of professionals and technicians have developed, along with coffee growers.

Here are the first three innovations of which we are very proud:

Bycicle-propelled pulper

This peculiar machine is the adaptation of a bicycle that connects with a belt to a pulper machine of manual use. Thanks to the bicycle pedaling, it’s possible to pulp up 20 cans of 14 kg of cherry coffee per hour, which translates into a 50% saving of time and wages, if this procedure were performed manually. This invention has caused a sensation among experts who have visited the areas where it has been implemented, such as Tingo Maria.

 Ecological Bike-pulping installation
Ecological Bycicle-propelled pulper installation and Vibrating screen at the producer Camilo Marquiño Sifuentes Romero workshop  in Jose Carlos Mariategui – Tingo Maria

Vibrating screen Sorting-machines

The Vibrating screen are a type of sorting-machine that help to separate the first quality and second quality cherry coffee, which allows pulping separately. Thanks to this process, coffee can be differentiated according to its quality and this allows revenues to be increased by up to 20% by sale, thanks to the quality characteristics of coffee beans.

Vetiveria wells

In order to decontaminate the honey waters that result of the fermentation of coffee, the creation of nursery pools has been carried out. Vetiveria is a type of phytoremediation grass and has the ability to detoxify honey waters, thus preventing the contamination of soils, streams and other water sources. To do this, ponds of 4mt x 3mt are built with a depth of 0.40 meters, where Vetiveria is planted. After 6 months, this plant is able to receive honey water for the detoxification process.

Vetiveria planting on the plot of Mr. Raúl Gamaniel in Río Tigre - Tingo María
Vetiveria planting on the plot of Mr. Raúl Gamaniel in Río Tigre – Tingo María
Case studies
Many CAFE Alliance participants have changed their vision of coffee production and have improved their lives and that of their families. Do you want to meet them?
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